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Happy 70th National day for China

Looking back 70 years ago, what kind of social situation was in China in the past, internal and external troubles, poverty and backwardness, today is quite different. Modern cities, information-based equipment, giant ships traversing the ocean, tanks crushing the land, fighters soaring in the sky, nuclear weapons deter the world. The current development of the country is changing with each passing day. This is the heroic achievement of the social builders. In the 21st century, we have judged the rapid progress and development of the motherland, but we cannot stay in the achievements of others. We should build lofty ideals and goals, and work hard toward our lofty ideals to build a more harmonious and beautiful Society, this is what our young people should do.

Self-improvement, rushing forward, never admitting defeat is the traditional spirit of our Chinese people. History has inspired us to be unable to achieve a smooth road in the future. It’s just this road that we will go on, because it’s these solutions that are solved, perseverance, hard work, and painstaking research that have made our country’s today and the prosperity and prosperity of our motherland.

Today, China is prosperous and prosperous. As children of the Chinese nation, we should study hard and carry forward our motherland. It is better to make a contribution to the motherland. Let us work together under the same blue sky and be proud of our country!


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